Witton Park CHS

Update:1st January 2013

Kathryn Hodkinson

Note that Phase 2 public art works are now complete to Witton Park and other Phase 1 & 2 projects, and so this blog is now closed. Please refer hereafter to  
www.artistcall.net/schools/witton-park-community-high-school/ which illustrates all the latest Phases 3 & 4 projects and artist residency opportunities (including a potential further phase to Witton Park - subject to agreement).

For archived information on Phase 2 Witton Park by Kathryn Hodgkinson, please see archived information below or click on Kathryn Hodgkinson.


Witton Park High School Lead Artist Kathryn Hodgkinson is collaborating with Blackburn Central Lead Artist Andy Siddall 

The artists have now developed their Outline Proposals in conjunction with the school and design team members, and alongside  the Friends of Blakewater College and other local community organisations. From this, a set of emerging themes are now being developed into final Scheme Proposals by the artists for the next stage of detailed and production development.

Kathryn has expanded upon her initial response to the school design proposals, and a second and third stage of a creative scoping and scheme designs have followed-on from these initial thoughts. All of these design proposals are downloadable below. The final version of the Outline Proposals are towards the top, and follow-on from the design review presentations made on the 2nd August 2011:

Final Concept Doc Spet 2011

Witton Park Concepts Aug 11

KH and as Initial Ideas for Witton Park for Email

KH AS Initial Ideas for Witton Park for email

Click on the Witton Park and Newfield School links to access their websites and see latest news on their BSF merger. In addition to this, students from Beardwood Humanities College, which is closing in 2012, will be transferring to both Witton Park and New East Blackburn Community College. 

Click on YouTube video of Witton Park below:

Witton Park Floor Plans

BSF Witton Park                                                              

Sorrell Foundation Pupil Design Brief Witton 2008